Demet Özdemir

Turkish Actress

Demet Özdemir is a Turkish actress, comedian, model and dancer who is most popular for her Turkish Tv series "Erkenci Kus"

Demet özdemir was born on 26 February 1992 as the youngest of three children

Initially, she was a backup dancer for Bengü and later joined the dance group of Efes Kızları. Özdemir then appeared on Mustafa Sandal's music video "Ateş Et ve Unut.

Demet has won the Golden Butterfly Awards in 2018 for her excellent performance in Daydreamers (*Erkenci Kus),

She made a debut in 2015 in the Drama Series “Tut Sozunu“. Her next TV series was “Cliek Kokusu“, playing the character of ‘Asli’.