5 Most Creative Looks of Urfi Javed 

Fashionista Urfi Javed can make an outfit out of anything and these pictures are proof

Urfi Javed wore her own photos as a dress and shocked the social media world with her unique style

Urfi Javed made this dress by using wires. Javed captioned the post, 'Yea this is wire! Also there was no cutting of the wires !!...

Urfi Javed wore shorts with a bralette and kept a mini bag tied on her leg. In the bag, she kept her lipstick. A lot of people on social media loved this idea.

Urfi Javed made this dress from razors. Javed shared the post with the caption, 'I made the perfect dress for introverts.

Urfi Javed wore a skirt and a top made of cotton candy. This edible outfit of Javed made a stir on social media.