Disha Patani Mirror Selfie 

Bollywood actress Disha Patani is in discussion for her bold look and personal life more than her films

Like every time, Disha Patni is creating waves on the internet with her hot photos.

Disha Patni has taken off her pants for a mirror selfie and has given a sizzling hot pose. 

Disha Patni's latest photos are being liked a lot on social media.

Even in the month of December, netizens are drenched in sweat after seeing the pictures.

In the mirror selfie, Disha is seen standing in front of the mirror and posing with her pants down from her waist.

Disha Patni poses with boldness while flaunting a black monokini. 

Sharing the latest mirror selfie, Disha Patni captioned it, Mirror selfies will never end.

The flower pendant of the actress is making her look sizzling. Disha Patni looks gorgeous in a deep neck black monokini.