Naagin 6 Written Updates

By | February 14, 2022

Naagin 6 Written Updates – Here comes the latest News from Colors Tv daily Soap Serial Naagin 6. One of the most popular daily Soap serials Naagin 6‘s first episode is all set to be telecast on Colors Tv today on 12th February. The season 6 first episode will be available to the viewers on Colors Tv and Voot App. In the following episode, the audience can see the first appearance of lead actress Tejasswi Prakash. The fans and viewers of Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap show Naagin 6 is eagerly waiting for the Tejasswi Prakash’s first appearance as Naagin.

In the following season, the viewers can enjoy the presence of Manit Joura who call the Naagin aka Tejasswi Prakash’s on earth to help him. The story of the Naagin 6 is based on the real-time story of the Corona Virus (Disease). Actor Manit released a promo where he says “That wishful person will have to come without his wish. She is a boon of Shiva, don’t ask for any water for her bite. He is heavy on every poison, he is wishful..” after this dialogue lead actress Tejasswi Prakash will take entry.

“अपनी इच्छा के बगैर उस इच्छाधारी को आना होगा। वह है शिव वरदानी, उसका काटा न मांगे कोई पानी। हर विष पर भारी है वह इच्छाधारी”

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Naagin 6 Day 1- Written Updates (12 February 2022)

The all-new Colors Tv show Naagin 6, starts with a conversation between an unknown professor and monks. In the conversation, the religious leaders and scientists are been called for a meeting. As the professor states that the world is about to change forever in the year 2020. After the scene changes and gets to a lab in a fictional country called ‘Chingistan’ where a bunch of scientists has created a weapon for biological warfare against India which is essentially a liquid, which when poured into water, will spread a dangerous disease across the country.

After that a common man in India falling sick when they come in contact with contaminated water. As the professor meets the religious leaders again and tells them the world can only be saved by Sarvasresth Naagin who lives under the Nilgiri mountain. Later on to protect the earth, the professor calls the naags to summon the Naagin but fail.

The Professor says, ‘Naagin ko uske desh ki mitti hi yaha laa sakti hai’. That is when Sarvasresth Naagin appears and pays her respect to the image of Bharat Maa behind her. After that, the professor sends a man to deliver a letter to the Army officers which contains sensitive information about the pandemic.

One of the main role of Sarvasresth Naagin which is played by Mahek Chahal, appears and the professor tells her that only she can find the twenty Asuras and get the Amrit that can save India. So later on, Sarvasresth Naagin introduces the professor with the dubbing artist Pratha (played by Tejasswi Prakash) and Mr Gujral’s son Rishabh (played by Simba Nagpal) who serves as a soldier in the army.

In the same episode, while they were moving towards the dubbing studio, they are been attacked by a bunch of eve-teasers but she is saved by Sarvasresth Naagin (Mahek), the man who was sent by the professor is attacked by asuras but manages to give Rishabh half of the letter, while the other half is torn. We are then introduced to the Gujral family which consists of Punit Gujral, son Ritesh, wife, and mother Bebe.

Naagin 6 Day 2- Written Updates (13 February 2022)

On the second day of the Ekta’s Kapoor special television show Naagin – Sarvasresth Naagin Kills The First Asur, Pratha And Rishabh Fall In Love. In the second episode of Naagin 6, Rishabh is at a stage of danger when he was falling from the top of the cliff, but suddenly he manages to save his life with another strand of the cliff right below it. Meanwhile, Pratha tries to tie a rope around the tree and help Rishabh to climb the cliff. Later on in the next scene Rishabh and Pratha rescue Ritesh. Afterward, they both thanked Pratha for saving their lives.

Afterward, the camera screen changes and shows that Naagin Sarvasresth is trying to find out the Asurs with the help of a professor, but could not find the first Asur in the region of Badarpur. Later, Sarvasresth Naagin arrives to meet Rishabh, Pratha, and Ritesh who were trying to get some help. So Sarvasresth Naagin gives the trio a lift. Rishabh is attracted to Pratha. Pratha realizes that Sarvasresth Naagin had seen her before (when she was attacked by the eve-teasers) and decides to deboard the vehicle.

In the next scene, everyone interacted with Seema Gujral, Rishabh, and Ritesh’s mother. As Seema Gujral wants Rishabh to take over the family business while he wants to join the army. Ritesh and Rishabh sit with their family and discuss the incident, and also tell the family about Ichchaadari Naagin and her legends. Then Rishabh goes to his room and reads the half letter that was handed over to him by the man yesterday. In the same time, Professor tells Sarvasresth Naagin that the first Asur has a broken foot.

Finally, Pratha reaches the Gujral residence where she is employed as a helper. As patha was mistaken for a make-up artist by Mr. Gujral’s wife, She was asked to do some nail arts on Mrs. Gujral’s nail, but suddenly she breaks the nail polish by mistake which angered Mrs Gujral, later Pratha was asked to drop a sherwani to Rishabh’s room. The two have a conversation.

As the function was organized for Rishabh and Ritesh roka celebrations, where Urvashi makes an appearance. In the same scean Sarvasresth Naagin reaches the Gujral residence and poses as the security in charge. As Sarvasresth Naagin spots a helper who has a broken foot and tries to chase him. Riya insults Pratha and she is forced to leave the venue. Pratha is called by the owner of the event management company to his room who tries to demand sexual favours from Pratha in exchange for her job.

However, Sarvasresth Naagin appears on the scene and kills him. Soon, Pratha appears on the scene and discovers Sarvasresth Naagin’s secret.

In the promo, it is revealed that the second Asur is Urvashi’s husband.

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