Kurma Jayanti 2020: know the Rituals & Shubh Muhurat of Kurma Jayanti

Kurma Jayanti or Shri Koorma Jayanti is celebrated in the honour of Lord Vishnu birth in his incarnated form of a tortoise. Kurma Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Purnima in the Vaishakh month in the Hindu calendar. In a literal sense, the word Kurma means a Tortoise in Sanskrit. As per the Hindu scriptures, it is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a tortoise to lift the Mandarachal Mountain during the Samudra Manthan.

After that Kurma Jayanti is recognize as the birth anniversary of Lord Kurma (Tortoise). This second appearance Sri Hari Vishnu is know as Kurma Jayanti and Hindu devotees worship Him religiously on this day with full gaiety and dedication.

On the day of Kurma Jayanti special pujas and ceremonies are held in Lord Vishnu temples all across the country. The festivity at the ‘Sri Kurman Sri Kurmanatha Swami Temple’ in Andhra Pradesh is very grand and the festivities lure devotees from far and wide

Kurma Jayanti 2020 Muhurat  

Sunrise07th May. 2020 5:53 AM
Sunset07th May. 2020 6:53 PM
Purnima Tithin Begins06th May. 2020 7:45 PM
Purnima Tithin Ends07th May. 2020 4:15 PM

Kurma Jayanti Significance  

Kurma Jayanti is an auspicious occasion in Hindu calendar. On this day the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu is revered by Hindus. This day is considered to be very important according to the Shastras. As per the Hindu mythological stories, during the celestial event of ‘Khseera Samudra Manthan’ the ‘Mandaranchal Parvat’ was used for churning the ocean. However when the mountain began to sink, Lord Vishnu emerged as a giant tortoise and held the parvat on His back.

Kurma Jayanti Rituals

  • As According to the Hindu festival the Kurma Jayanti also starts with the wake up early in the Bhrum muhurat and taking bath.
  • After taking bath the devotes wear neat and tidy pooja clothes ( that is basically white Kurta and Pajama  for men’s )
  • After that the devotees observe a stringent fast that begin from the previous night and continuous throughout the day.
  • The observer of the Kurma Jayanti vrat does not sleep all night and stays awake reciting ‘Vishnu sahasranaam’ and other Vedic mantras.
  • Lord Vishnu is worshipped with devotion and affection on this day. Devotees pray to their lord to seek divine blessings for removing obstacles in life and also ensuring prosperity and success.
  • Reciting of ‘Vishnu Sahasranama’ is considered as highly auspicious.
  • Once all the rituals are finished, devotees perform aarti.
  • Performing charity on the eve of Kurma Jayanti is regarded as highly rewarding. The observer should donate food, clothes, and money to the Brahmins.

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