Andal Jayanthi: Know the Significance, Rituals & Timing of Andal Jayanthi

By | July 30, 2021

Andal Jayanthi is one of the major and most important festivals amongst the Tamilians. It is one of the prime festivals devoted to Goddess Andal, who is a wife of Lord Vishnu and an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Andal Jayanthi is the birthday of the Goddess Andal and it is believed that she appeared on Earth on this auspicious day and thus devotees worship her to be blessed by Shakti. This festival is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and some parts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and kerala in the month of Aadi. According to traditional Tamil calendar (which is 4th month of July – August). In this month various dimensions of shakti are worshipped.

Andal means the one who rules the Lord. She is also called as Soodi kodutha Sudarkodi meaning “the bright creeper like woman who gave her necklace after wearing them”. During her younger days she used to make defeat for Lord Ranganathar (incarnation of Vishnu) and wear it on her and then she used to give it to the Idol of Lord Ranganathar. Once,Periyalvar saw this and scolded her and did not offer Garland on that day to the Lord.

The same night Vishnu had come into his dreams and told he prefers the garland worn by Andal as it had the sweet fragrance and purity of her devotion,and she is his bride.

Andal is also Indicated as Kodhai meaning scent of garland. From that time she feel in love with the Lord and lastly married him. The story tells that at the age of 16 she got merged with Lord at Sri Rangam temples since then she existed as myth and deity.

Aadi pooram or the Andal Jayanthi is a ten day festival which is observed with lot of devotion and fanfare. The last day is observed as the Jayanthi or the Aadi pooram and an event is organized called Thirukalyanam, which is the wedding between Goddess Andal and Sri Ranganathaswamy, who is Lord of Vishnu. 

Significance of Andal Jayanthi :-

  • It is believed that Goddess Parvati herself descends to the earth on this auspicious day to bless her devotees. 
  • Aadi month is also dedicated to Goddess Shakti, as the energy of the Goddess is very strong and vibrant during this month. 
  • Rituals are conducted celebrating this auspicious event in all the Shakti temples as Goddess Parvati is none other than Goddess Shakti.
  • It is also believed that Parvati attained her womanhood on this day. 

Rituals of Andal Jayanthi :-

  • On Andal Jayanthi, many Vaishnavite temples conduct Homas (fire labs) and poojas (rituals for worship). Aadi Pooram is celebrated with grandeur Srivalliputtur, the birthplace of Andal.
  • This festival is also celebrated at Srirangam Temple for 10 days. On the 10th day, the divine marriage of Andal and Lord Ranganathar (Lord Vishnu) is celebrated.
  • Special puja is conducted and the marriage ceremony is witnessed by thousands of devotees.
  • It is believed that girl’s who are yet to be married or searching for the right groom, pray to Andal on the 10th day (divine marriage day) to get married soon and be blessed with the perfect partner.
  • An extensive feast is offered to the Goddess, where every household participates and contributes in the cooking.
  • Andal has composed many paasurams (devotional songs) in praise of Lord Ranganathar. After the marriage ceremony, the devotees chant the Thiruppavai and other Paasurams.
  • In all the Shakti temples, on this day, the Goddess is beautifully decorated, and many glass bangles are offered to the Goddess in various forms. Later, the bangles are distributed among all the devotees.
  • It is believed that wearing these bangles will bless couples with progeny. Also, when pregnant women wear these bangles it is believed to shield their child from evil forces.
  • Food offering are made for the Lord and are distributed among the people. The standard offerings include  tamarind rice, lemon rice, sweet pongal, curd rice and soaked moong Dal.
  • As Andal is fond of lotus flower,red color and Kalkand rice so these are offered to her on this day.
  • On this auspicious day, the devotees also read  the ‘Thiruppavai’ and ‘Lalitha Sahasranamam’.
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Benefits of observing Andal Jayanthi :-

Celebrating Andal and Goddess Shakti on this auspicious day can provide the following benefits.

  • Happy and successful life.
  • Child blessings and protection of the fetus from evil forces.
  • Blessings of a good spouse.

Important Timings on Aadi pooram :-

SunriseJuly 24, 20205:57 AM
SunsetJuly 24, 20207:08 PM
Pooram Nakshatram BeginsJuly 23, 20205:44 PM
Pooram Nakshatram EndsJuly 24, 20204:03 PM

Other Related Events :-

  1. Aadi Amavasya
  2. Aadi Karthigai
  3. Aadi Perukku
  4. Karthikai Deepam

Aadi pooram festivals Dates between 2017 and 2027 :-

201726th of JulyWednesday
201813th of AugustMonday
20193rd of AugustSaturday
202024th of JulyFriday
202111th of AugustWednesday
20221st of AugustMonday
202322nd of JulySaturday
20247th of AugustWednesday
202528th of JulyMonday
202614th of AugustFriday
20275th of AugustThursday

Andal Jayanthi 2021 Muhurat

Panchangam, 11 August 2021

  • Surodayam (Sunrise) : 05:48 AM
  • Suryastama (Sunset) : 07:04 PM
  • Chandrodayam (Moonrise) : 08:15 AM
  • Chandrastama (Moonset) : 09:10 PM

Todays Panchangam

  • Tithi : Tritiya upto 04:53 PM Chaturthi
  • Nakshatra : Purva Phalguni upto 09:32 AM Uttara Phalguni
  • Yoga : Shiva Upto 04:52 PM vanija Upto 04:11 AM, August 12 Vishti
  • Paksha : Shukla Paksha
  • Weekday : Budhawara

Samvat :

  • Shaka Samvat : 1943 Plava
  • Chandramasa : Shravana – Purimanta Shravana – Amanta
  • Vikram Samvat : 2078 Aananda
  • Gujarati Samvat : 2077 Paridhavi

Subh Muhurat

Abhijit : None
Amrit Kalam : 01:53 Am, Aug 12 to 03:26 AM, Aug 12

Time to Avoid

  • Rahu Kalam : 12:26 PM to 02:06 PM
  • Yamaganda : 07:28 AM to 09:07 PM
  • Gulikai Kalam : 10:47 AM to 12:26 PM
  • Dur Muhurtam : 12:00 PM to 12:53 PM
  • Varjyam : 04:32 PM to 06:06 PM

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