Garuda Panjami 2020: Read Garuda Panjami Stories & benefits of Puja

Garuda Panchami is a festival celebrated to persuade the birth of Garuda,an enthusiastic devotee and the birth carrier of Lord Vishnu. The fifth day of the waxing moon in the month of Shravana is celebrated as Garuda Panchami. Garuda is the son of Vinata and Kashyapa Muni and lives on the planet known as Salmalidvipa where he is constantly offering prayers to Lord Vishnu.This day is celebrated as Naga Chaturthi. On this day Lord Garuda is worshiped along with the Naga (snakes).

Garuda Panchami is an auspicious day to celebrate “Garuda”, the vehicles or vahana of Lord Vishnu.Garuda is also known by the names – Pakshiraja,Vainateya,Suparna,Garuthman, Periya Tiruvadi, Vinatasuta,Vishnuvahana, Nagantaka and kashyapeya. 

     Garudo bhagavan stotra-stobhash 

             Chandomayah prabhuh

       Rakshatv ashesha-kricchrebhyo

          Vishvaksenah sva-namabhih

Lord  Garuda, the Carrier of Lord Vishnu, is the most worshipable Lord, for he is as powerful as the Topmost Lord himself. He is the stand Vedas and is worshiped by selected poetry. May he protect us from all dangerous conditions, and may Lord Vishwaksena, the personality of Godhead, also protect us from all dangers by His holy names.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Geeta  –  Vainateyash ca pakshinam, “Among the birds, I am Garuda”. Garuda take away Lord Vishnu on his back always and therefore he is regard as the optimal prince of all carriers.

In the Vedic literature, it is stated that the two wings of the optimal bird Garuda , are two divisions of the Sama Veda Known as brihat and rathantara. When Garuda  drop his wings, one can hear the chanting of the hymns from Sama Veda. Garuda is engaged in eternal service to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha. Every temple of Lord Vishnu has a Goddess of Sri Garuda sitting in front of the Lord  with folded hands 

The story of Garuda Panchami :-

According to the Purana, saint Kashyapa had two wives named kadru and Vinita. Kadru gave birth to a thousands snakes, whereas, Vinita gave birth to Garuda alone. Garuda is mentioned as the one with a white face having an eagle’s beak, a strong personality with the golden body, huge-red wings and wears a crown on his head.

Once both kadru and Vinita, bets on the color of the tail of Uchaishravas, the flying horse with seven heads, obtained during the stirring of the ocean. Kadru, the mother of thousands snakes, claimed the color to be black whereas Vinita, the mother of Garuda claimed the color to be white. The stake of the bet was who ever fails in the bet should serve the other. Kadru cheated on Vinita by asking her son’s, the Nagas, to hang on to the tail of Uchaishravas. Thus, the white tail of the horse turned black. Now, Vinita and Garuda were forced to serve kadru and her sons. They misbehave them. Upon request, later, the Nagas agreed to free Garuda and his mother if he gets Amrit (Ambrosia) for them, which was owned by the king of the Devas “Indra”.

Garuda Panchami is celebrated to show the never-ending bonding between Garuda and his mother, Vinita. This day is observed by mothers and sons to enlarge the love and affection between them. Mothers worship the God Garuda for better health and the future of their children.

Garuda stole the pot of Amrit (Ambrosia) from Indra and freed himself and his mother from their control. However, their cheating and worst behaviors made Garuda turn vengeful towards snakes. Observing this, Lord Vishnu got impressed with Garuda as he stole Ambrosia from Indra to save his mother and he did not even take a single drop for himself. So, he asked Garuda to ask a boon. Garuda immediately said that he needed a position higher than Vishnu and became his vahana.

Significance of Garuda Panchami:-

According to scriptures, the person who is blessed by the kind flash of Garuda is assured of victory. He is mighty and strong. Garuda is very closely associated with Lord Vishnu  and worshiped by all the devotees of Lord Vishnu. He can bless the devotees with eight kinds of Siddhis.

  • Anima : reducing the size of the body.
  • Mahima : increasing the size of the body.
  • Lagima : ability to become very light just like a feather.
  • Garima : ability to grow heavy.
  • Isitvam : to have divine powers.
  • Vasithvam : the power to attract and have control over others.
  • Prapti : ability to secure anything.
  • Prakamya : ability to become invisible.

Benefits of Garuda Panchami

Powerful mantra of Garuda :-

According to Purana, Garuda is powerful to relieve an individual from all kinds of Naga dosha (snake afflictions). He gets pleased just by the chanting of the mantras.

There are many mantras to please Garuda such as Garuda Gayatri, Garuda Vashikaran, Garuda Dandakam and Garuda Kavacham. These mantras can be chanted 108 times daily to the bestow the blessings of Garuda.

Garuda Gayatri

! Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha!

Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaya!

Om! Ham! Hanumathe! Sri Rama Doothaya Namaha!

Om! Tatpurushaya vidhmahe 

Suvarna pakshaya dheemahi

Thanno Garuda prachodayaat 

In this kaliyuga all these Garuda mantras are very powerful mantras. It is believed that if anyone chants this mantra for 1008 times for 108 days, starting from the Panchami Tithi (5th waxing moon) day of Shukla paksha (much auspicious if began on Garuda Panchami day), that person can attain Siddhis and 12 generations can be free from all kinds of Sarpa Dosha (kala Sarpa Dosha), Naga Dosha, Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha, misery, and can be provide with good health, sufficiency of wealth, happy married life and good children.

Apart from this, just by praying (regular chanting of mantra) to God Garuda tone can:-

  • Get rid of the fear of snakes and other poisonous creatures.
  • Remove evil eye, black magic, and all other negative energy.
  • Get cured of incurable diseases caused by the ill effects of Sarpa Dosha.
  • Fulfill all the righteous wishes gradually.
  • Remain free from all the worries.
  • Gain Fame, name and wealth.
  • Attain an increase in self-confidence and courage.
  • Reduce fear of snakes and other replies.
  • Gain the ability to reason and make decisions to overcome all the life issues.

Garuda Panchami festival Dates between the 2017 and 2027 :-

201727th of JulyThursday
201815th of AugustWednesday
20195th of AugustMonday
202025th of JulySaturday
202113th of AugustFriday
20222nd of AugustTuesday
202321st of AugustMonday
20249th of AugustFriday
202529th of JulyTuesday
202617th of AugustMonday
20276th of AugustFriday

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