Happy International Nurses Day: The goddess of our life’s / The real hero’s

By | May 1, 2020

International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth in 1820. The founder of modern nursing. The day signify contribution of nurses towards people’s health with a new theme each year. The day is set aside to hear and note the many contributions nurses make to society. Unfortunately, many people seem to think that the most important people in the healthcare department are the doctors,but this is not true. Nurses play a key role in all of our medical institutions, being responsible for the welfare, safety and recovery of patients. Nurses care for our loved ones at same of the most challenging times of their lives. They may run short of time, but not compassion.

Nurses have a huge amount of Knowledge and many different skills they spend years perfecting and developing, Nurses play a very important role in the world. All the time working in decidedly tough environments where extreme stress is just a part of their job. Nurses help bring new life into the world, care tirelessly for the sick and injured, on many occasions,it was a sharp nurse who noticed a mistake in a doctor’s prescription in time to save someone’s life. Nurses sometimes watch the patients they did all the thing to save pass away despite their best efforts. Acknowledge the hard work, long hours, and emotional duress that are part of the life of every nurse on International Nurses Day.

In Australia, Canada,the United States, and other countries, International Nurses Day often is part of a week-long celebration usually referred to as National Nurses Week.

Themes of International Nurses Day :-

ICN (International Council of Nurses) themes for International Nurses Day


2000- Nurses- Always there for you.

2001-Nurses, Always There For You : United Against Violence.

2002-Nurses Always There For You : Caring for families.

2003-Nurses : Fighting AIDS stigma, working for all.

2004-Nurses : Working with the poor : Against Poverty.

2005-Nurses for Patients Safety : Targeting counterfeit medicines and substandard medication.

2006 – Safe staffing saves lives.

2007- Positive practice environments : Quality workplaces = quality patient care.

2008 – Delivering Quality, serving communities : Nurses Leading Primary Health Care and social care.

2009 – Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Care Innovations.

2010 – Delivering Quality, Serving Communities : Nurses Leading Chronic Care.

2011 – Closing The Gap : Increasing Access and Equity.

2012 – Closing the Gap : From evidence to Action.

2013 – Closing the Gap : Millennium Development Goals.

2014 – Nurses : A Force for Change – A vital resource for health.

2015 – Nurses : A force for Change : Care Effective, Cost Effective.

2016 – Nurses : A Force for Change : Improving Health systems Resilience.

2017 – Nurses : A voice to Lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

2018 – Nurses : A voice to Lead – Health is a Human right.

2019 – Nurses : A voice to Lead – Health for All.

The theme of 2020 – “Nurses : A voice to lead – Nursing the world to Health. 

ICN President Annette Kennedy sait she is expecting 2020 to be a momentous year for the profession.

Nurses: A voice To Lead – Nursing to world to Health , demonstrates how nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges. It will encourage the nurses and the public to celebrate the big day, but also provide information and resources that will help to raise the profile of the profession throughout the year and attract a new generation into the nursing family.

All around the world nurses are working tirelessly to provide the care and attention people need, whenever and wherever they need it. Nurses are making invaluable contributions to the health of people globally.

History of International Nurses Day :-

Since 1965, this day has celebrated The International Council of Nurses (ICN). It all began in 1953 Dorothy Satherland, an official with the U.S Department of Health, Education and Welfare, contacted President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposing he proclaim a “Nurses Day”. However we did not approve it. 

In January 1974, 12 May was chosen to celebrate the day as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing. In January 1974, May 12th is an important date to all nurses. This day was finally officially made international Nurses Day. ICN prepares and distributes something called the International Nurses Day kit which contains educational and public information materials, for use by nurses everywhere.

During the Crimean war florence nightingale became an essential figure in nursing in the 1850s . She was stationed at a hospital where she headed a group of Nurses who cared for injured British soldiers. When she first reach at the hospital, she was struck by the desperate Condition of the facilities. There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate every day with National Day Calendar.

As of 1998, 8 May was designated as annual National Student Nurses Day.

Significance of International Nurses Day :-

  • The day signifies contribution of nurses towards people’s health with a new theme each year.
  • Nurses play a key role to the achievement of universal health coverage.
  • Nurses have many roles in Communities and health care facilities.
  • Nurses provide personal care and manage treatment and play a central part in public health and controlling disease and infection.
  • Nurses play a critical role in health promotion and care in emergency settings.
  • Nurses are working tirelessly to provide the care and attention people need.

How to celebrate International Nurses Day :- 

This day is all about celebrating nurse’s endless contribution to society. Take this opportunity to celebrate this day with great wishes and you do so many things to appreciate him or her. On this day show your love and respect the nurse who has taken care of you. A Nurses main goal is to help you get through treatment and get better, so just knowing he or she succeeded is a reward in itself. Many people neglect to thank their nurse at all, many people think that nurses are only robots who follow the instructions of doctor’s. So every little thing makes this day Happy to all nurses every little way say a “thank you” will definitely make that nurses day. 

International Nurses Day is the day to show that gratitude. If you are especially feeling grateful for the way a certain nurse took care of you. They do so many things to take care of you like fed you, cleaned vomit off of you, brought you a blanket, monitored your vital signs, helped you get to the bathroom, changed your wound dressings, let you cry on his or her shoulder etc. So decided to go hospital with a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, flowers, greetings, or anything else you think that particular nurse might like. 

Wishes of International Nurses Day :-

  • “Care for one that is love, care for hundreds and that is what nursing is”. Happy International Nurses Day!
  • Save one life and you are a hero, save a hundred lives and you are a nurse. Happy Nurses Day!
  • Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others. Happy International Nurses Day!
  • Your caring ways bring a SMILE to those you help, You are truly appreciated. Happy Nurses Day!

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