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Kevin David Mitnick is an American Computer Secruity Consultant, Auhot and Convicted hacker. He was born on 6 August 1963 in Van Nuys California U.S. He is best know for his high profile arrest in 1995 and five years prison for varioius computer and Communication related Crimes. After that he run his own secruity frim named as Mitnick Secruity LLC. He is also the chief hacking officer and part owner of the secruity awareness training company KnowBe4.

How Easy It Is To Crack Your Password, With Kevin Mitnick - YouTube

Kevin Mitnick Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

  • People are prone to taking mental shortcuts. They may know that they shouldn’t give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice, the fear of appearing ignorant, the fear of a perceived authority figure – all these are triggers, which can be used by a social engineer to convince a person to override established security procedures. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Some people think technology has the answers. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Use a personal firewall. Configure it to prevent other computers, networks and sites from connecting to you, and specify which programs are allowed to connect to the net automatically. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Should we fear hackers? Intention is at the heart of this discussion. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I went from being a kid who loved to perform magic tricks to becoming the world’s most notorious hacker, feared by corporations and the government. – Kevin Mitnick
  • A company can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption and other security technologies, but if an attacker can call one trusted person within the company, and that person complies, and if the attacker gets in, then all that money spent on technology is essentially wasted. – Kevin Mitnick
  • At the end of the day, my goal was to be the best hacker. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I started with CB radio, ham radio, and eventually went into computers. And I was just fascinated with it. And back then, when I was in school, computer hacking was encouraged. It was an encouraged activity. In fact, I remember one of the projects my teacher gave me was writing a log-in simulator. – Kevin Mitnick
  • The first programming assignment I had in high school was to find the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. Instead, I thought it would be cooler to write a program to get the teacher’s password and all the other students’ passwords. And the teacher gave me an A and told the class how smart I was. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I get hired to hack into computers now and sometimes it’s actually easier than it was years ago. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I got so passionate about technology. Hacking to me was like a video game. It was about getting trophies. I just kept going on and on, despite all the trouble I was getting into, because I was hooked. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I trust online banking. You know why? Because if somebody hacks into my account and defrauds my credit card company, or my online bank account, guess who takes the loss? The bank, not me. – Kevin Mitnick
  • As a young boy, I was taught in high school that hacking was cool. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc, which set the computing world on its ear with the Macintosh in 1984. – Kevin Mitnick
  • It was used for decades to describe talented computer enthusiasts, people whose skill at using computers to solve technical problems and puzzles was – and is – respected and admired by others possessing similar technical skills. – Kevin Mitnick
  • It’s kind of interesting, because hacking is a skill that could be used for criminal purposes or legitimate purposes, and so even though in the past I was hacking for the curiosity, and the thrill, to get a bite of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, I’m now working in the security field as a public speaker. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Are hackers a threat? The degree of threat presented by any conduct, whether legal or illegal, depends on the actions and intent of the individual and the harm they cause. – Kevin Mitnick
  • Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in conjuring up new ways to hijack your system by exploiting technical vulnerabilities or human nature. Don’t become the next victim of unscrupulous cyberspace intruders. – Kevin Mitnick
  • I think it goes back to my high school days. In computer class, the first assignment was to write a program to print the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. Instead, I wrote a program that would steal passwords of students. My teacher gave me an A. – Kevin Mitnick

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