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Jeff Bezos is an American technology entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. Bezos is the founder and CEO of the multinational technology Company Amazon. Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen on 12 January 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Jacklyn Gise and Ted Jorgensen. At the time of his birth, his mother was only 17 years old and was a High School student while his father was a bike shop owner. In 1968, the couple got separated and his mother married Cuban immigrant Miguel Bezos. Miguel Bezos adopted four year old Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen and the surname was then changed to Bezos.

He is the richest person in the world according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world.

NameJeff Bezos
Birth nameJeffrey Preston Jorgensen
Nickname NameJeff
Full NameJeffrey Preston Bezos
Date of birth12 January 1964
BirthplaceAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Age (as of 2021)57 years old
Zodiac signCapricorn
ProfessionBusinessman, Investor and Philanthropist
Famous AsFounder of
EthnicityWhite American
HobbiesPlaying Golf and Tennis
Years active1986- present

Jeff Bezos Height/ Weight & Physical State –

Height5’8″ (1.73 m)
Weight75 Kg (165 lbs)
Body typeMuscular
Chest42 Inches
Waist32 Inches
Biceps14 Inches
Skin colourFair
Hair colourGray (Semi-bald)
Eye colourLight Brown

Jeff Bezos Family/ Relationship and More –

He was born to bike shop owner Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn Gise. His mother remarried to Miguel Bezos after divorcing Jeff Bezos’s biological father. He has a brother named Mark Bezos and a sister named Christina Bezos. He married an American Novelist Mackenzie S. Tuttle on 04-09-1993 and together the couple was blessed with four children including a daughter and three sons. The couple divorced after 25 years of their marriage on 5-07-2019. He is currently dating Lauren Sanchez, a former news anchor, tv show host, and helicopter pilot.

FatherTed Jorgensen
MotherJacklyn Gise
Step FatherMiguel Bezos
BrotherMark Bezos
SisterChristina Bezos
Marital statusDivorced
Spouse/ ExMackenzie S. Tuttle (m. 1993 – div. 2019)
Marriage Date04-09-1993
Children (s)
Affairs/ girlfriendLauren Sanchez (2019- present

Jeff Bezos Educational Qualification –

SchoolRiver Oaks Elementary School, Eastlake High School
CollegeUniversity of Florida, Princeton University
QualificationBachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jeff Bezos Net worth –

Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO in Q3 of 2021, CNBC reported. Bezos’s net worth is estimated to be $ 196 Billion, according to Forbes.

Net worth$ 196 Billion approx
Source of IncomeBusinessman

Jeff Bezos Trivia –

This innovator funded an expedition that recovered two powerful Saturn V first-stage F-1 rocket engines from the Atlantic Ocean identified as belonging to the Apollo 11 mission’s S-1C stage in July 2013.

Jeff Bezos Early Life and Childhood –

Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born on 12 January 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born by his parents Jacklyn Gise and Ted Jorgensen. A year later, his parents divorced and since then he has never had contact with his biological father. Three year later, his mother married Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who studied at the University of Albuquerque. After marriage with Miguel Bezos her mother legally adopted him. The family moved to Texas where Bezos attended River Oaks Elementary School in Houston from fourth to sixth grade.

Then Bezos’ family moved to Miami, Florida. He attended Miami Palmetto Senior High School. He also attended the Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida, and received a Silver Knight Award in 1982. While in high school, he started his first business venture, the Dream Institute, an educational summer camp for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. He graduated as high school valedictorian. In 1982, he entered Princeton University, where he studied computers. He was elected to the honor societies Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi at Princeton. He used to take up summer jobs. In June 1984, he took a summer job as Programmer/Analyst in Norway, and the following year, he improved an IBM Program in California. He served as the President of Princeton’ Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. In 1986, he graduated summa cum laude, with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life –

Jeff Bezos married Mackenzie Tuttle in 1993. Jeff Bezos’ wife, MacKenzie Tuttle, is an American novelist and philanthropist. They met in 1992 when they both were employees at the New York city hedge fund D.E Shaw. Together, they have four children. Talking about Bezos children, he is the father of 4 Childs, 3 sons, and 1 daughter adopted from China who is the youngest one. After 25 years of their marriage, On 9 January 2019, Bezos and Mackenzie announced their intent to divorce. According to the couple, they were living separately for a long time.

The founder of Jeff Bezos is reportedly dating Lauren Sanchez, a former new anchor, tv show host, and helicopter pilot. Bloomberg billionaires index listed Bezos as one of the wealthiest people in the world. Harvard business review ranked him the second best CEO in the world.

Jeff Bezos Career of Jeff Bezos –

Early Career 

After graduating, Bezos went to Wall Street where computer science was increasingly in demand and worked in several firms. The job at Fitel (a startup aiming to build a network to conduct international trade) had him flying every week between New York and London. Bezos was promoted to head of development and director of customer service thereafter. He transitioned into the banking industry when he became a product manager at Bankers Trust. He worked there from 1988 to 1990. He then joined D. E. Shaw & Co, a newly-founded hedge fund with a strong emphasis on mathematical modelling in 1990 and worked there until 1994. In 1990, he became D.E. Shaw’s fourth senior vice president in the company’s history at the age of 30.

It was at D.E. Shaw where Jeff Bezos first came across a digit that would change his life and the course of internet history. While surfing the web in search of new ventures for D.E. Shaw, Bezos found a statistic that the World Wide Web was growing by 2,300 percent a month. Bezos immediately understood the potential prospects of selling products online. Shaw tried his best to convince Bezos to stay in his firm on a long walk in Central Park, but Jeff decided that he would rather try and fail than never try at all.


In late 1993, Bezos decided to establish an online bookstore. He left his job at D. E. Shaw and he founded in 1995. He started off by selling books online and a couple of years later, he decided to list his company. Thus Amazon finally listed in 1997. Soon after the company went public, he decided to grow the company’s portfolio and in the next 5 years, the company had clothes and CDs in its portfolio. In 2003, he started an online portal to sell sporting goods which offered around 3,000 different brands. His company grew immensely in that decade and also started selling almost all items ranging from electronics to cosmetics. To compete with the growing demand of iPad, he brought into the market Kindle Fire which was a revelation for e-readers as it has grabbed 80percent of the market among e-readers.

Blue Origin 

In September 2000, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin which is a human spaceflight startup company. Bezos has long expressed an interest in space travel and the development of human life in the solar system. Until 2006, the company purchased a large tract of land in West Texas for a launch and test facility. In 2011, the company’s unmanned prototype vehicle crashed during a short-hop test flight. In May 2013, Jeff Bezos met the chairman of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, to discuss commercial spaceflight opportunities and strategies. In November 2015, the company launched the New Shepard space vehicle which reached its planned test altitude and returned back to the launch site in West Texas.  The main aim of the Blue Origin is to preserve the natural resources of the Earth by making the human species multi-planetary. In July 2018, the company announced that Bezos had priced commercial spaceflight tickets from $200,000 to $300,000 per person. 

The Washington Post 

On August 5, 2013, Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million in cash. In 2016, he reinvented the newspaper as a media and technology company by reconstructing its digital media, mobile platforms, and analytics software. Initially, Bezos was accused of controlling the content of the newspaper unfairly which was later dismissed by Bezos and the editorial board of The Washington Post. In 2016, for the first time since Bezos purchased the newspaper, the paper was profitable after a surge in online readership. 

Jeff Bezos Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

  • The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’ – Jeff Bezos
  • Great industries are never made from single companies. There is room in space for a lot of winners. – Jeff Bezos
  • The one thing that offends me the most is when I walk by a bank and see ads trying to convince people to take out second mortgages on their home so they can go on vacation. That’s approaching evil. – Jeff Bezos
  • We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. – Jeff Bezos
  • Millions of people were inspired by the Apollo Program. I was five years old when I watched Apollo 11 unfold on television, and without any doubt it was a big contributor to my passions for science, engineering, and exploration. – Jeff Bezos
  • Market leadership can translate directly to higher revenue, higher profitability, greater capital velocity, and correspondingly stronger returns on invested capital. – Jeff Bezos
  • What’s dangerous is not to evolve. – Jeff Bezos
  • The killer app that got the world ready for appliances was the light bulb. So the light bulb is what wired the world. And they weren’t thinking about appliances when they wired the world. They were really thinking about – they weren’t putting electricity into the home. They were putting lighting into the home. – Jeff Bezos
  • There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you’re good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills. Kindle is an example of working backward. – Jeff Bezos
  • I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate. – Jeff Bezos
  • There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second. – Jeff Bezos
  • A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. – Jeff Bezos
  • The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works. – Jeff Bezos
  • I’ve always been at the intersection of computers and whatever they can revolutionize. – Jeff Bezos
  • I think there are going to be a bunch of tablet-like devices. It’s really a different product category. – Jeff Bezos
  • If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful. – Jeff Bezos
  • If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail. – Jeff Bezos
  • The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine. – Jeff Bezos
  • We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn’t be in this business. – Jeff Bezos
  • What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy. – Jeff Bezos

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