George Will Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

  1. There may be more poetry than justice in poetic justice. – George Will
  2. Big government inevitably drives an upward distribution of wealth to those whose wealth, confidence and sophistication enable them to manipulate government. – George Will
  3. Well, you know, the definition of second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience. – George Will
  4. Conservatives define themselves in terms of what they oppose. – George Will
  5. Modern parents want to nurture so skillfully that Mother Nature will gasp in admiration at the marvels their parenting produces from the soft clay of children. – George Will
  6. World War II was the last government program that really worked. – George Will
  7. I suppose there’s a melancholy tone at the back of the American mind, a sense of something lost. And it’s the lost world of Thomas Jefferson. It is the lost sense of innocence that we could live with a very minimal state, with a vast sense of space in which to work out freedom. – George Will
  8. The future has a way of arriving unannounced. – George Will
  9. Voters don’t decide issues, they decide who will decide issues. – George Will
  10. Barack Obama hopes his famous health care victory will mark him as a transformative president. History, however, may judge it to have been his missed opportunity to be one. – George Will
  11. Leadership is, among other things, the ability to inflict pain and get away with it – short-term pain for long-term gain. – George Will
  12. A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible ‘lifestyles’ turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind. – George Will

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