Ben Shapiro- An American Conservative and Media Host, Gets Ben Shapior best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

By | March 31, 2021

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is know as Ben Shapiro is an American Conservative polotical Commentator and media host, He was born on 15 January 1984 in Los Angeles, California U.S. He becomes the first youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States. He is an host in his this that is “The Ben Shapior Show” and a writter, He has writen eleven books, the first being Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004) and the latest being How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps (2020).

Ben Shapiro Bio

NameBen Shapiro / Benjamin Aaron Shapiro
Nick NameBen
OccupationPolitical Commentator, Media Host  
BornLos Angeles, California, UN
Age As of 202137 Years
Date of birth15th January 1984
Famous ForBeing the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States
MovementAmerican Conservatism
WifeMor Shapiro
Children’sLeeya Eliana Shapiro
Mother’s NameUpdated Soon
Father’s NameDavid Shapiro

Ben Shapiro physical Stats

HeightIn feet – 5’7” In CM – 170cm In M – 1.7m
WeightIN KG – 72 Kg In Pounds – 158 lbs
Biceps Size14 inch
Body Measurement38-30-35
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Shoe Size9

Some famous Books by Ben Shapiro –

  • The Right Side of History in 2019
  • How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps in 2020
  • Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth in 2004
  • Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans in 2013
  • True Allegiance in 2016
  • Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future in 2005
  • Primetime Propaganda in 2011
  • Facts (Still) Don’t Care About Your Feelings: The Brutally Honest Sequel to the National Smash Hit Ben Shapiro in 2019
  • The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration in 2019
  • A Moral Universe Torn Apart in 2016
  • Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House in 2008
  • The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent Ben Shapiro in 2021
  • Evil in America in 2017
  • And We All Fall Down Ben Shapiro in 2017
  • Catastrophic Thinking
  • The Establishment Is Dead: The Rise and Election of Donald Trump in 2017
  • D.C.’s Dirty Politics in 2018
  • Say It’s So: Papa, Dad, Me, and 2005 White Sox Championship Season in 2017
  • Whining Doesn’t Win in 2019
  • America 2030: What the End of the Free World Looks Like, and How to Stop It Ben Shapiro in 2017
  • Seven Questions Unabridged Pod Ben Shapiro in 2021
  • The Left’s Phantom Wars Ben Shapiro in 2015
  • Professional Oracle® Programming Ben Shapiro
  • Generation Sex: Exposing The Full Frontal Assault On American Innocence Ben Shapiro in 2005
  • 2020: Every Column Ben Shapiro Wrote During an Insane Year in 2021
  • How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps Low Price CD Ben Shapiro in 2021

Ben Shapiro Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

  1. President Obama and members of his administration constantly express rage and anger over events totally within their control. It’s an odd and unsettling fact of American life that so many Americans seem to think that such expressions of frustration should substitute for actual competence. – Ben Shapiro
  2. Why should Congresspeople have to visit D.C.? Thanks to Skype, meetings are possible across the country. Thanks to email, communications are simple. And we’ve had the technology to vote from afar for decades. Why should we have backroom deals made over cigars thousands of miles distant from those who are affected by those deals? – Ben Shapiro
  3. 2013 was a year of myths falling apart. The myth of President Obama – a myth in which Obama was a messianic figure descending to bequeath health care, equality, and brotherhood on mankind – imploded. The myth of an America embracing the leftist social agenda collapsed. – Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro: controversial quotes — Steemit
  1. Distrust of government isn’t baseless cynicism. It’s realism. – Ben Shapiro
  2. Kids are fat because of lack of parenting. – Ben Shapiro
  3. Geopolitical drama lessened but did not die after the Cold War; in 2008, the specter of thousands of seeming automatons banging drums at the opening of the Beijing Games frightened and enthralled the world, reminding us that China was a nation on the rise, a competitor for global dominance. – Ben Shapiro
  4. America’s liberal arts universities have long been safe zones for leftist thinking, protected ivory towers for the pseudo-elite who earn their livings writing papers nobody reads about gender roles in the poetry of Maya Angelou. – Ben Shapiro
  5. Freedom of speech and thought matters, especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thought crime becomes a reality. – Ben Shapiro
  6. The story of Detroit’s bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat. – Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro on the 'evolution of American values' - CNN Video
  1. Primarily affecting low-information voters and members of the mainstream media, Obama Worship Syndrome attributes impossible capabilities to Obama’s political opponents, finds excuses for every Obama failure in everyone around him and praises the president as the finest politician – nay, human being – of our time. – Ben Shapiro
  2. Socialism has no moral justification whatsoever; poor people are not morally superior to rich people, nor are they owed anything by rich people simply because of their lack of success. Charity is not a socialist concept – it is a religious one, an acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty over property, a sovereignty the Left utterly rejects. – Ben Shapiro
  3. Historically, defense spending cuts have preceded increased international turmoil as America’s global enemies sense a failure of will. – Ben Shapiro
  4. With the dramatic increase in ease of transportation and the incredible decrease in the amount of time required to travel between far-flung areas of the United States, representatives began spending more and more time in Washington and less and less time in their home districts. – Ben Shapiro
  5. Washington’s birthday is worthy of celebration – he is one of the greatest men in history. But Washington himself would likely have seen celebration of the office of the presidency itself as monarchic in nature. – Ben Shapiro

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