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By | April 12, 2021

Goldie Hawn Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

  • People ask if I feel pigeon-holed by always doing the same kind of humorous role. But my tool has always been humor because it’s the most entertaining way to put any ideology across, and it’s fun, and it’s positive, and it’s a healer. Laughter is God’s gift. I feel privileged to be able to do it. – Goldie Hawn
  • I am compelled to continuously see the bright side. It is in my DNA. My kids look at me and say: ‘Mom, you’re so happy!’ And I do feel happy. I feel joyful inside. I can’t explain it. – Goldie Hawn
  • What we want to help children with is, just because you feel sad or happy or depressed doesn’t mean that is who you are. We want them to know, ‘I am really sad right now, but I am not a sad person.’ – Goldie Hawn
  • Whether you’re successful or not, you’ll never actually feel the joys of accomplishment unless you love yourself. Success can be very difficult to deal with. You have to stay in the center. If you let your success define you, then you’re really just setting yourself up for failure. – Goldie Hawn
  • I’m deeply, deeply passionate about creating peace and well-being in the classroom, and well-being as a global nation. – Goldie Hawn
  • I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile. – Goldie Hawn
  • A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication. And you both need to want it to work. – Goldie Hawn
  • No relationship is easy, and nobody should ever think it is. The minute you start forgetting the needs of the other person is when you get in trouble. – Goldie Hawn
  • I’m a woman who was raised to believe that you are not complete unless you have a man. Well, in some ways it’s true. I am a feminist to a point. But I’m not going to deny the fact that I love to be with men. – Goldie Hawn
  • I noted that people are happy here in India. When I went back home, people had everything in the materialistic sense and were surrounded with abundance, but they were not happy. – Goldie Hawn
  • A body smiles, like, 72 times a day. Where does that smile go? That’s what I want to know. – Goldie Hawn
  • When you have a Jewish mother who has a very strong Jewish family, it’s very ethnic in its practices. Eating brisket, the food and the family and the interconnectedness for better or worse. – Goldie Hawn
  • I believe having religion in your life creates the potential for long-lasting relationships. – Goldie Hawn
  • Being a dancer is my metaphor for life because you have to know your body. Being a dancer and paying attention to fitness is all about moving in balance. – Goldie Hawn

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