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By | March 24, 2021

Birthday is a very important day in everyone’s life, A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person or figuratively of an Institution. Birthdays of peoples are celebrated in numerous cultures often with birthday gifts, Birthday Cards, Birthday Quotes, Birthday Cake, and parties.

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The Lockdown is a major problem for everyone and is necessary for everyone in this Covid- 19 pandemic. Lockdown is the major problem who are unable to celebrate their Birthdays, Anniversary because of lockdown. Seeing all your friends and family dancing gin Pub is a great feeling, but at this time it is not possible. But in case you are planning a birthday for your Girlfriend, Friends or Family can be a little hard in this such circumstances but still, there are some way can help you to light up their faces with happiness on their birthdays, Well, apart from partying, night airing, long drives, romantic dates, movies, etc., make your girlfriend, friends or family members celebrate her birthday at home in a fantastic way. In such a crisis time, adore her with the best online birthday surprises that will not let her miss the previous year’s celebration. This blog has brought you some unique ideas to celebrate the quarantine birthday of your girlfriend. Read it out till the end and opt for the ideas to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday during the lockdown.

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Some of the Best Ideas to Celebrate your Birthday in Lockdown

A Night Dinner under the Star

Do not worry if you are not able to arrange a night date in a 5-star hotel. You can feel the same experience in our homes during this lockdown. For this pitch, a tent in our garden, balcony, or terrace switch off lights and grab a few blankets, and you can party on your hands. Light some candles on the table and have fun under the beautiful Star sky.

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Set a Party Theme

For a good quarantine, a birthday party chooses a theme that suits them best, The secret to a perfect quarantine birthday celebration is an amazing theme! Set the tone of the party and ask your family, flatmates — or whoever you are spending the lockdown with — to help you put it all up together.

Some of the Theme is
  • Beach party theme
  • Bollywood theme
  • Game night theme
  • Black and White themee

Decorate Your Room / House

Every occasion requires decoration, Birthday is incomplete without decoration for the best quarantine birthday decorate your room /house with the stuff that you have. Decorate it with Balloons, lights, and ribbons.

Bake A Cake

The cake is one of the key elements of every birthday party. Bake your cake with lost love and happiness with our loves once. You can make chocolate, Stwarey or Valina cake for your birthday party. After Baking decorates your cake with whipped cream, Chocolates, Gems, and many more.

Whip up Some Snacks

As you are going to celebrate our birthday make some more snacks to celebrate our birthday in a party form.

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Take Photos

Every Party, meeting, or many stuff is incomplete without a photo session. Take lots of photos with our friends, family or girlfriend, Try different angles, filters and poses for more photos

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Plan Some Activities

As you are in our homes plan some activities that help you to celebrate your birthday, Plan some video call with our friends or loved ones.

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Try Some Cocktails 

Instead of Alcohol and Vines try some cocktails

A Romantic Dinner

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Start a hashtag and ask all the friends to upload silly, funny, cute weird pictures. Print these pics, make a collage, and gift it to the birthday boy/girl when all of this is over.
If you live in the same complex or colony, ask the Birthday boy/girl to come to the balcony/terrace/window and shout Happy Birthday.
Send separate but multiple texts throughout the day.
Ask friends/family to shoot small videos, edit them send it, or post them online for the birthday girl/boy
You can watch a movie together with friends and chat along via Netflix Party
Video Game Party, play a video game with some booze and food at your own place
Help out the needy
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Leave posters, notes in and around the flat of the birthday boy/girl
Make Birthday Videos
Dinner party over a video call
Plan a virtual birthday for your child
Don’t forget your neighbors
Photobook of their life
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Celebrity Video Messages
Birthday Wall and Décor
Invite all the friends on a video call at midnight to wish him/her.
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Plan a Treasure hunt

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