Chandra Darshan: Know about Pratipada Tithi & Significance of Chandra Darshan

By | April 30, 2020

Chandra darshan is a great even in the Hinduism. The Chandra Darshna is been related with the sighing of moon just after the “Amavasya” or after the NO moon day. It occurs once in a month in Hindu Calendar. In Hinduism the day has a great significance that the devotees offer various special prayers and practices to the lord Moon. Seeing or Sighting the moon just after the NO moon day is a very Auspicious Occasion and is know as Chandra Darshan. The Chandra Darshan is observed by great Passion and devotion. The most auspicious time for sighting the moon is just after the sunset but the set time is not even conformed by the Panchang makers. 

Important Timing on Chandra Darshan

Date24th May
Pratipada Tithi TimingFrom 22nd May, 11:08 PM till 24th May, 12:17 AM  
Moonrise24th May 2020, from 6:49 AM
Moonset24th May, 2020 till 8:39 PM

Significance of Chandra Darshan

In Hinduism philosophy, the Chandra Dev or the lord of Moon is consider to be one of the most revered deities. The Chandra Dev is also been consider as an “Graha” or planet of the ‘Navgraha,’ which influences life on the Earth. Moon is known to be a favourable planet and it is also associated with wisdom and purity of life. The moon is regarded as one of the most favorable planets, which influences the mind, it is said that when Moon is well placed in the “Janam Kundali” than the person has well life with all of its needs and desires, Also in Hindu Mythology the moon is known to be the nurturer of animal and plant life. The Chandra Dev or lord Moon has married to 27 Nakshatras, who are the daughters of King Prajapati Daksha and he is also the father of Budha or Planet Mercury. Hindu devotees worship Moon God on the day of Chandra Darshan to seek His blessings for success and good fortune.

Rituals of Chandra Darshan

As per the traditional Hindu calendar, on this day the moon is sighted for the first time after Amavasya or no moon day thus the event is celebrated as Chandra Darhan. The Devotes of lord Moon celebrates the occasion with full devotion and enthusiasm, Chandra Darshan is celebrated by fasting for the whole day and breaking the fast after sighting the moon after sunset. The devotees observe strict fast to please Chandra Dev that even drinking water is also been prohibited during fast.

 All Important Dates of Chandra Darshan in 2020

  Date/Month      MoonriseMoonsetPratipada Tithi Timing
Sunday, 26th JanuaryFrom 8:11 AMTill 7:30 PM25thJan from 3:11 AM – till 26thJan, 4:31 AM
Monday, 24th FebruaryFrom 7:26 AMTill 7:07 PM25th Jan from 3:11 AM – till 26th Jan 4:31 AM
Wednesday,25th MarchFrom 7:07 AMTill 7:32 PM25th Jan from 3:11 AM – till 26th Jan  4:31 AM
Friday, 24th AprilForm 6:48 AmTill 8:00 PM25th Jan from 3:11 AM –till 26th Jan, 4:31 AM
Sunday, 24th MayFrom 6:49 AMTill 8:39 PM22nd May from 11:08 PM -till 24th May 12:17 AM
Monday, 22nd JuneFrom 6L:25 AMTill 8:24 PM 22nd May from 11:08 PM –till 24th May 12:17 AM
Tuesday,21st JulyFrom 6:11 AMTill 8:00 PM20th Jul from 11:02 PM –till 21st  Jul, 9:24 PM
Thursday. 20th AugustFrom 7:06 AMTill 8:10 PM20th Jul from 11:02 PM –till 21st  Jul, 9:24 PM
Friday, 18th SeptemberFrom 6:55 AMTill 7:25 PM17th Sep from 4:30 PM till 18th  Sep, 12:50 PM
Saturday,17th OctoberFrom 6: 43 AMTill 6:39 PM17th Oct from 1:01 AM –till 17th Oct, 9:08 PM
Monday, 16th NovemberFrom 7:40 AMTill 6:51 PM15th Nov from 10:37 AM –till 16th  Nov, 7:06 AM
Wednesday, 16th DecemberFrom 7:31 AMTill 6:27 PM      14th Dec from 9:46 PM –till 15th  Dec 7:06 PM

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