Buddha Purnima 2020: Know about the philosophy GAUTAMA BUDDHA

By | April 26, 2020

Buddha Purnima is been celebrated as birth date of GAUTAMA BUDDHA who is also the founder of Buddhism. He was born in 623 B.C. in the famous gardens of lumbini in Nepal. Buddha Purnima held in the month of Vesak which is also been celebrated as the Buddha Jayanti in different parts of India and Nepal and many other countries. The Buddha Purinma light into the day of Full Moon in the month of April & May and this day is been promulgate as a gazette as a holiday in India. The Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayaanti signifies the birth anniversary of lord Gautama Buddha who was a pilgrimage.

 Different ways of Celebrating the Buddha Purnima

* Ceremonies before Dawn – As in different countries people celebrates the Buddha Purnima, so the best way to celebrate this auspicious is to gather at a place of worship before the sun rise. The ceremony is been observed with different types of prayers and physical exercise / Dances in some areas. Many peoples in different areas celebrates the Buddha Purnima in different ways by chanting Hymns of God for the health and graduate of their family and community.

* Donations – Many Buddhist temples hosts different free services for the peoples of different age group.

* Traditions- Many countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia celebrates the Buddha Purnima with lots of joy and happiness. Vesak is a day of praying in which peoples going to Buddha Temples and sit down to pray for wellbeing of their family and community, also many peoples sings Hymns in the name of god of the better life and prosperity, On the Buddha Purnima peoples places the Buddha Statue in the tub full of water and decorate it with the flowers, Candles and by Joss sticks.

In Many countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal the selling of meat and Alcohol is been on the day of Buddha Purnima and many peoples offeres food and gives charity to the differently abled persons and releases birds and insects as a “symbol act of Liberation”.      

Buddha Purnima in India

The Buddha Purnima is been celebrated by different countries on different days, In India thr Buddha Purnima is been celebrated on the Full Moon day in the month of Vesak. In India the Buddha Purnima is been mostly celebrated in the parts of Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh,  Bodh Gaya, and in different parts of north Bengal where 77% of Buddhists Community lives. The Public holiday on the day of Buddha Purnima is been initiated by the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar when he was the minister of Law and Justice in India. The Buddha Purnima is been celebrated as the birth, Enlightenment and Death of Lord Gautama Buddha on the same day in the month of Vesak.  On the of day Buddha Purnima the peoples of Buddhists community spend their whole in the temples listing to the hymns sing by the mongs, The Peoples of this community only wears pure white clothes and eats only vegetarian food.  

Dates of Buddha Purnima form 2015 to 2021 

YearDay & Date
2015Monday, 4th May
2016Saturday, 21st May
2017Wednesday. 10th May
2018Monday, 30th April
2019Saturday, 18th May
2020Thursday, 7th May
2021Wednesday, 26th May

Four Novel truth by lord Buddha

* Dukkha – The life is unsatisfactory, disjoint and Suffering

* Samudaya- There is a cause of Suffering, which is attachment or desire

* Nirodha- There is a session of suffering, Which is to eliminate the attachment or desire

* Marga – The path that’s leads out of suffering is called the Novel Eightfold Path.

 The Importance of Buddhism

* Happiness never lasts forever

* A Guideline to live their lives

* The Novel give way for a 

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