Motu Patlu: Know About the Most Amazing Cartoon Character’s Motu & Patlu

Motu Patlu is an Indian animated Cartoon that is one of the most popular cartoons on the Nickelodeon cartoon Channel. The Cartoon is been written by the Niraj Vikram, the series is been inspired by the classic comic strip on lotpot .

Cosmos-Maya's Motu Patlu wins big at the Asian Academy Creative Awards '20

 The Cartoon is been started on 16th October 2012 at the beginning of the episode ”Jon Banega Don” this cartoon is full of focuses on two friends Motu and Patlu. they were living in furfuri Nagar but currently, they are living in a fictional City it is generally known as a modern city.

Today I am going to share information about Motu Patlu Cartoons Online, from this article you will be able to read the history of these cartoons, who made them and who are working on them, and many more.  This series consists of several genres such as Humor, Sitcom, Farce as well as Slapstick comedy. The founder of this series is Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj and they were developed by Lot Pot ( a comic magazine of India which is being written in Hindi language and it is published by Mayapuri Group and the title Lot pot was first registered by Mr. A P Bajaj in year 1969) anyways this cartoon series is directed by Suhas Kadav and the creative director is Ronojoy Chakraborty, these cartoons are disclosed on very famous kids channel Nickelodeon, and the first episode of these cartoons was published on 16th of October 2012.

Animation show Motu Patlu achieves 1000-episode milestone - Exchange4media
GenreSlapstick comedy
Created byHarvinder Mankkar
Based onMotu Patlu by Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj
Written byNiraj Vikram
Directed bySuhas D. Kadav
Voices ofSaurav Chakraborty
Omi Sharma
Brian D. Costa
Renu Sharda
Theme music composerSandesh Shandilya
Opening theme“Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi” by Sukhwinder Singh
Ending theme“Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi” by Sukhwinder Singh
ComposerSandesh Shandilya
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons13
No. of episodes104

Motu Patlu Production Team

Executive producerAnu Sikka
ProducersDeepa Sahi
Anish JS Mehta
EditorPrasad K. Patil
Running time10–11 mins (Length of single episode)
Production companiesMaya Digital Studios
DistributorViacom18 (India)
Cosmos-Maya (Worldwide)

Motu Patlu cartoons

And the first episode was John Banega Don. The whole story of this animated series revolves around two friends Motu as well as Patlu and one of them was little bit fat and the second is weak compared to the other, both of them is residing in the fictitious city Furfuri Nagaria, and the music was composed by Sandesh Shandilya and this series was produced with the contribution of several members such as Deepa Sahi as well as Arish Js Mehta and the title song Motu Patlu Ki Jodi was sung by Sukhwinder Singh, and the characters of these cartoons were created by Kripa Shankar from very famous magazine Lot Pot. 


Anyways after the success of episode one, the second one was being published and that was Snow Park and it was ended with PhotoShop, after the success of the second session, the third one has been introduced in 2014 with The Devil Toothpaste, and later on September 31 in 2015 Kabillion replaced Hindi Voices with English. Ghasita Ram as well as Inspector chingam, Jhon and his companions, and many more. Anyways Motu like samosa and it is his favorite food he always makes effort in order to steal samosas from Chaiwala, who is famous in the whole city as well his samosas, Motu always create several problems, and his friend try to solve them, and fascinating thing about fat character is that whenever he eat samosas he becomes more powerful.  The story of this series is very interesting,  


In this series the voice of Doctor Jhataka is adopted by Omi Sharma,

The voice of Chaiwala is adopted by Sankalp

Renu sharda as Sabzi wala

Saugat Poudle has adopted the voice of Hera Pheri

Motu Patlu cartoons online

And the voice of Motu, as well as Patlu, has been dubbed and it is coming soon.  Moreover you can Motu Patlu cartoon in Urdu story swimming pool

You can watch many other episodes of this series on kids, this story has been watched by numerous of people including young boys as well as girls and children and you can watch many other episodes from this platform.

Main character’s


Learn How to Draw Motu from Motu Patlu (Motu Patlu) Step by Step : Drawing  Tutorials

Motu is a plump man who serves as one of the show’s central protagonists .he likes to eat samosa which gives him power. He has a hobby of gardening. His best friend is patlu. You always searching for the easiest way to earn the money. Have a very much fun eating a lot of samosas. Even if it means landing in trouble. He is also shown bragging about something he has never done. But he is good in nature helping to all those helpless persons. Unfortunately, he is easily fooled by anyone. Especially John is fooling every time to Motu. He wears a red tunic with a navy blue, best yellow pajamas and shoes. His look is influenced by Dara Singh. By eating samosas he gets astrology he becomes a powerful man and has the power to fight anyone in the world like Chhota Bheem. He is depicted as extremely afraid of mice. His father is believed to have been abducted by an extraterrestrial from Axar during his search for extraterrestrial life forms in the universe.


Patlu is a slim man who serves as one of the show’s central protagonists. You always get in trouble along with Motu. But patlu manages to help himself and motu when they were in trouble

Duplicate Patlu | Motu Patlu Wiki | Fandom

Patlu always advised Motu to be on the normal track and live a happily danger-free life but patlu is always forced by motu into helping him. He dislikes the samosa but he has an interest in reading a newspaper. He also believed that his grandfather is a boxing champion and had a recipe for procuring extraordinary strength which is discovered by motu.

Patlu wears a yellow tunic with orange leggings and brown frame glasses, and brown color shoes.


Doctor jhatka was a scientist. He is living like a sardar ji so he reffres to Punjab. He appears in most of episodes and all movies also known as bare bhaiya (by motu) jhatka .dr jhatkas age is 45 years.his favorite food is also samosas.his hobby is creating new inventions.his occupation is scientist. His best friend is Ghasitaram,motu.

Dr. Jhatka is a friendly and helpful person who also knows English. He can get angry when Motu messes with his experiments. He is also wise and logical but not as much as Patlu. Though he is a good friend of Motu and Patlu, his bond of friendship is not strong enough, and when Motu and Patlu land in trouble with the law, he will not help them. Dr. Jhatka is also quite religious as he applies “oppor wale” to many things he says. He also had Motu Patlu pray in “Pilot Training” when they were in danger. He often forgets his wide inventory of things that he carries with him on important missions and often gets beaten up by Motu, Patlu, Chingum, and Ghasitaram for this. Power of dr jhatka He makes gadgets that help him to fight enemies.his weakness is that He can also be fooled sometimes. In Duplicate Patlu, he beat his foolish patient because of their stupidity. Sometimes he tests his gadgets on Motu and Patlu without telling them any information about it and they get into problems because of it. Later he creates an antidote and uses it to make them normal like before. He often gets beaten by Motu and Patlu because of it.

Watch Motu Patlu: Dr. Jhatka funny video on Nick India


He is having 20 years of experience in every field but only a few experiences are useful to anyone. He wears a cobalt blue tunic, purple dhoti, dark brown vest, and shoes of the same color.


He is a police inspectorChingum manages to catch criminals merely by luck with the help of Motu and Patlu.He takes pride in the fact that no criminal can ever get away from him. When he fires his gun in the air after telling his dialogue, coconuts fall on his head and make him fall to the ground.Chingum wears a khaki uniform with medals and a nametag on it. He also wears sunglasses most of the time. He likes South Indian food such as Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, and Coconut chutney. he appears in most of the episodes and all the movies .he also known as inspector chingum, chingum sir,chinguma (called by his father bubblegum), sir (called by his Hawaldars, constable).his age is 30 years .his hobbies is catching criminals.his occupation is a police inspector. his bestfriends are motu, Patlu, Dr jhatka, Ghasitaram, Boxer, Chaiwala.

Inspector Chingam - Home | Facebook

Chingum is a friendly and helpful person who always tries his best to catch criminals but lands in trouble. His best friends are Motu and Patlu.He wears a police uniform with stars and badges decorating it. He has a mustache which reaches a little below his jaw, and brown silky hair which reaches to his nape.He takes pride in the fact that no criminal can ever get away from him or ‘escape his web’. A lethal combination of righteous and a hilarious character.


motu patlu comics

is a man who have a tea stall near motu’s house. In the City he makes favourite samosas for Motu and favourite tea  for patlu. Moto eats the samosa of chaiwala and not giving money to him. Chaiwala does not like is samosa to be eaten by anyone for free. Motu gets beaten by chaiwala for not giving money of samosa.

John bany ga Don. - New Motu Patlu Cartoons | Facebook

He is a don of furfuri Nagar. His plan is always fail very badly she is again and again arrested by inspector chingam he is generally e catched by Motu and patlu on the the behalf of stolen bank money.He wears a blue dress shirt with dark blue flower prints, yellow undershirt, brown belt, dark periwinkle pants with blue cuffs, and brown shoes.

Number 1:

he likes John short poems very much and appreciate John for his short poems. He has brilliant ideas to trap Motu patlu.he is always the first to get beaten by him. He wears a blue French check hat, magenta striped shirt, denim trousers, and a yellow ascot.

Number 2:
Motu - patlu - Posts | Facebook

He has a dark mark on his eye and a band-aid on his oversized nose. He has dark brown hair, wears a cyan striped shirt, aquamarine ascot, and brownish-orange pants.


He is motu neighbours who wears red gloves in hand, a white tank top. And red paint with vertical yellow strip.He always wants to help his neighbors but he gets angry and beats them is also shown that he is not a good parent and could not get his son, Sunny, to sleep.

Minor characters  Edit


He is the father of Chingum and the commissioner of police of the area comprising Furfuri Nagar and adjoining villages. He once got impressed with Motu and Patlu and even recruited them in the police as Havaldars, but when he came to know that they were not as capable as he had thought, he got annoyed with them and fired them from the police.

Hera Singh:

He is a Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum. He always tells Chingum, “Aap to top ho, hindustan ki hop ho”, which means “You are India’s greatest hope”.

Pheri Lal: He is a Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum. He always remarks, “You are very great sir, but born little late sir”.


She sells best vegetables in the whole Furfuri Nagar. Motu can be troublesome to her too at times and also owes her some money. She has got a fiery temper and can also punish Chingum at times whenever his chases harm her vegetables in some or other way. She wears a green saree over a black blouse.


He is the Mayor of Furfuri Nagar, He wears a coat and a white shirt with the coat coloured Pant. He sometimes has a Mayor named band on his coat.

Munni : She is the sister of Motu.

He is the nephew of Motu, He wears a green T-shirt with a pink pant. Sometimes, he wears a brown shirt with yellow pants.


He is the big brother of John. In Motu Patlu Acchey Insaan, he is seen to be caught. In Episode John Ka Bhai Johnny, he is seen very rich.


He is a scientist, He always invents something for John. In return, he asks John for money but John somehow fools him and makes his run away. John uses his gadgets as a trial on him and puts Virus in trouble.

Additional characters include Chingum’s mother, Amma, Chingum’s wife, Dharti, and Chingum’s uncle, Troublegum.
Voice of characters

Saurav Chakraborty – Motu, Patlu, Ghasita Ram, Chingum, John, Boxer

Omi Sharma – Dr. Jhatka

Aanchal Trivedi – Hera, Pheri

Sankalp Rastogi – Chaiwala, Number 1

Renu Sharda – Sabziwali

Brian D. Costa – Number 2 (Season 1–2)

Rajah – Number 2 (Season 3–present)

Deepak Kumar – Additional voice (Season 4–present)


The Movies are been listed below

Movies Date
Motu patlu in Wonderland10 July 2013
Motu patlu mission moon25 December 2013
Motu patlu deep sea adventureQ9 may 2014
Motu patlu: kungfu kings23 October 2014
Motu patlu: khazane ki race26 January 2015
Motu patlu: Kung fu King returns14 June 2015
Motu patlu: carnival Island22 October 2015
Motu patlu in alien world14 February 2016
Motu patlu in double trouble29 May 2016
Motu patlu: 36 ghantey race against time12 June 2016
Motu patlu kings of kings14 October 2016
Motu patlu the invisible plane25 December 2016
Motu patlu in dragon World25 June 2017
Motu patlu in Hong Kong19 October 2017
Motu patlu in octopus world24 December 2017
Motu patlu in the city of gold29 April 2018
Motu patlu: dino invasion24 June 2018
Motu patlu the superheroes-super villains from Mars26 January 2019
Motu patlu in the game of zones25 December 2019

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