About Us

Trend Setter Live

We are a team of Over 10+ Members who are trying their best to give our users correct and accurate information about their favorite Indian, American, South Korean, and Turkish celebrities. Moreover, we aim to give our users complete knowledge about the trending celebrities.

We same a team of dedicated members who started their Online Media Site Trend Setter LIve during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our team is a full time Moive buffs from different parts of India.

The content provided here on Trendsetterlive.com is based upon the various studies from the web, books, newspapers, and other resources.

What are our data collection sources?:

• Authentic internet sources. Example: Times of India, The Hindu et cetera.
• Newspapers, Magazines
• Interviews
• Telephonic interviews with the celebrities conducted by our team
• Getting information directly from the celebrities via email.

You can also provide your Researched content to us only through content.trendsetterlive@gmail.com.
You can also mail us at contact@trendsetterlive.com